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As a mother, I am always looking for an easy, fast, and collective platform where I can easily find suitable activities for both my kids. Guided was my ultimate answer, a fast-growing platform partnering with different service providers that suit my needs as an unschooling parent. As the owner of The Learning Hub, Guided has always been a partner in my success, offering me a variety of quality services that have always been of great benefit to my business.

Salma Amr

Owner of The Learning Hub
I really liked the idea of raising awareness about getting rid of plastic and how to recycle everyday objects. The Animal Watch was the part that my kids enjoyed the most. They really liked reusing objects that we usually throw to make their own new products. It was truly an amazing experience and the kids learned a lot.

Hend Yahia

Proud Mum - During "Enviro-Mental" Event
Thank you! My daughter had a very good day. Keep it up and I hope all the success for you 🌼🌼🌼🌼


Proud Mum - During "Enviro-Mental" Event
The response on their Facebook page was quick and efficient as the after-payment follow-up. Everything was simple and clear.

Samar Mohamed

Proud Mum
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